Aster Gem & Jewelry Co., Ltd.----- Established in 1993, Aster Gem and Jewelry is currently one of the leading cutting service providers & reliable gemstone dealers and jewelry manufacturers with 16 years of experience in high-end cutting service, and are recognized as one of the top gem cutters in the industry. We are working with over 300 gemstone dealers and jewelers across the globe. Additionally, we are a professional gemstone dealer and custom jewelry manufacturer; we buy rough materials directly from Africa, South America, Brazil, China and other countries, and supply our top quality of calibrated gems to our customers all over of the world. Since 2008, we have promoted our business into the jewelry manufacturing industry and have started to make jewelry for our customers as well. We have gained an excellent reputation for our dedication and commitment to First Class cutting services and our strict quality control for gems spotlessly calibrated to perfection. 
      In addition, we are also: 
  • The main supplier of Aqua Blue Topaz --- a type of Sky Blue Topaz treated by electronic beam.
  • One of the biggest suppliers of white topaz cut stones in production at a volume of 450,000 carats monthly.
  • A wholesaler of Amethyst, Citrine, Ametrine, Rocky Quartz, Smoky Quartz, Garnet, London Blue Topaz, Swiss Blue Topaz and Peridot.
  • A wholesaler of all kind of Synthetic Corundum (specializing in Swiss Lab created Corundum directly from Djeva)
  • The Innovative Design Studio and Manufacturer of Jewelries --- Custom Design Service and volume production.
Aster Gem & Jewelry Co.,Ltd. is a member of the Jewelers Board of Trade Incorporated under the laws of Rhode Island and is entitled to all rights, benefits, and privileges accorded by the Constitution and By-laws as of 9/15/08. The JBT member number is 02500247#
Aster Gem & Jewelry Co.,Ltd.. Always strives to both play a leading role in high-end quality cutting service globally and be the most competitive supplier of precious and semi-precious stones with the finest quality in the industry.
Aster Gem & Jewelry Co.,Ltd. Will never stop improving its capability to provide expert and in-depth customer service. We will always be happy to build up partnership globally and grow with the customers.

Reputation from Honesty
Since 1993, honesty has always been the essential principle of the gem business. All rough materials received from the customers will be confirmed by email with the photos (available on demand) upon receipt of the rough sample, and will be kept safe in separate and secure cabinets with detailed documents and cutting instructions. Meanwhile, leftovers and remainders will be returned along with the shipment (up to the option of customers). Additionally, the customer's account will be set up when the order is confirmed and tracking status of the order will be available by simply logging onto our website with the given username and password.

Top Quality Control System
Stringent quality standards and control systems assure that each stone is perfect before shipping. Details matter to us. Every single stone will be individually packed with Aster's special trays to ensure maximum protection.

Competitive Prices
Even with First Class cutting services, we are also capable of keeping the costs low for the valued customer primarily due to our efficiency in cost control. The cutting charges are as low as to $1.0/ct with regular faceting service or $1.5 each for cabochon - just $5 each for our brand new custom jewelry service. We currently provide high quality Micro Pave Set Silver Jewelry with a labor cost as low as $0.03/pc.

Free Recutting 
Aster Gem & Jewelry aims to ensure you are completely satisfied with our cutting service. In the event that your gems are incorrect, damaged, or improperly cut as per the cutting instruction or our quality standard, free recutting services are available for 30 days from the shipping date of the order. Please contact our Customer Service Representatives by email at marketing@astergem.com or by phone at 1 778 285 5820 to confirm the recutting before returning the goods. 
All returned goods are to be shipped by post registered mail, express mail or courier. Regular postal package service will not be acceptable. Shipping time for postal registered mail may take up to 45 days to arrive in China. Shipping costs will be not refundable, but Aster Gem & Jewelry will be reliable for the costs of return shipping. In addition, reasonable reduction in weight of the package after recutting is to be expected and is not sufficient grounds for refund requests.