YinYang cut

The finished stones weight >1.0ct/pc ------------ US$6.2/ct
The finished stones weight <1.0ct/pc ------------ US$6.2/pc

Various jewelry styles have been created by Design Studio to emphasize the magnificence of our beautiful gems by using popular fashion elements, innovative ideas and exquisite processes.
The whole procedure which from research to sales will be operated by Aster Gem & Jewelry  independently without any agent.  We not only provide high quality products and perfect services, but also bring you complete satisfaction.
We believe our cutting and jewelry service will bring you brand new feeling.

T004-C (Yinyang cut)1


T001-C (Yinyang cut)3


T002-C (Yinyang cut)1


T007-C (Yinyang cut)


T006-C (Yinyang cut)


T005-C (Yinyang cut)