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must be produced correctly: Oval should be properly proportioned and Rounds must be round, Octagon must be Octagon etc. .

Size:When calibration is specified, it must be within +/-0.1mm.

All stones should be cut in proper proportions: e.g. crown main angles should never fall below 30 and in fact should cut at the correct angle for the particular materials. No low crowns. Pavilions should not be cut too deep, nor appear the ""fish-eye"". Pavilion main angle should never be cut below 40 regardless of the materials and for Beryl, Quartz, or other similar materials not below 43. The girdles should be uniformed.

Thickness: usually the Thickness is 65~70% of its diameter. When calibration is specified, it must be within +/-0.1mm.

Every star facets of crown should joint in one point instead of one faceas for square and octagon stone, every line should be straight and parallel.

Polish should be scratched free under 10*loop.

When "clean" stones are specified, the stones should be inclusions free, and no Cracks.

Consistence of design. Unless specified, each general shape must have the same faceted designs.

Specific cutting instuctions will be provided for each separate item. These must be followed exactly. They will specify what shape are wanted and in what size. No other shapes and/or size should be cut. Materials which are not suitable should be returned with uncutting.

Consistency. Each order must be cut with the same quality and the same design as previous order. That means, the order of cutting, no matter just receives or received one year ago, the quality of cutting should be the same.